Welcome to MD Mal – your home improvement website. It’s your website because it involves you getting involved and sharing your home improvement stories. We don’t want to sell you anything, we want you to share your experiences – both good and bad – of your home improvement experiences.

That’s why we’ve created MD Mal, so we can share our knowledge, skills and ideas. Through MD Mal we can all benefit from each others insight and past successes.

Some of my own home improvement ideas have come from websites which I’ve visited or via social media. A lot of the home improvements have been a huge success and others were too complicated and required a specialist to complete the work on my behalf, however the end result was always positive.

Why Enhance Your Home?

The theory behind home improvement is simple. You can’t always move property for a variety of reasons, potentially it’s too expensive, you’re tied into a mortgage or the time isn’t right. So, what can you do to continually take your house to the next level?

My belief is that we should always seek to increase the value in our property and the best way to do this is to keep it modern and stylish. You can also add extra rooms through extensions but these can be more expensive.

Ensuring a house is in fair working order will keep your house price stable but taking the next step and making your house sought after will boost your house price. Remember, the price of a house is determined by a supply and demand process. If your house is highly sought after because of it’s style and extras then you can demand a higher price when you eventually sell.

The primary reason people don’t always improve their house is simple – they either don’t feel they have the skills or don’t have the time to do so. It takes time to make the improvements, but it’s more than worthwhile. It will in fact make you money in the long term for a small investment!

Roofing Improvements

There are a variety of different methods to make your property more valuable. One of the main problems associated with a property which can lead to a declining property price is via the roof.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property, for the obvious reasons. Your roof is also a standard repair and should be maintained regularly to avoid major and expensive costs. Through gutter cleaning, pressure washing and regular maintenance your roof will be classed as healthy for years to come.

Properties are also now measured against their efficiency rating and the majority of heat escapes through the roof. This is both costly due to rising heating bills but can also lead to people purchasing your house reducing their value in your property. There’s no reason for this, insulation costs are incredibly cheap! By simply insulating your home you can add thousands of pounds to your house price.

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