exhibition stands

Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands can be an excellent method to reach new customers and promote new products.

It’s important exhibition stands help a brand stand out from it’s competitors and using the latest technology can help.

The best exhibition stands should meet specific criteria.

Exhibition Stands Criteria

  • Bold Design: It’s vital the design on a stand is bright, colourful and catch the eye of potential customers. The message should be clear; this is the brand and this is what we’re promoting
  • Portable: Each stand should be easy to move from one event to another, without taking up unnecessary space and taking hours to dismantle
  • Easy To Build: A good exhibition stand is capable of being built without 10-30 mins (depending on it’s size) and it shouldn’t require a degree from Harvard to achieve the end result
  • Durable: Most stand should last for a least ten years or have a guarantee when purchased. When promoting at different events it’s important they are able to withstand a lot of use
  • Customisable: Every exhibition stand should be capable of adding and removing designs with ease. This allows it to be used for longer and at a variety of different events.

The leading company for exhibition stand in the UK (in my opinion) in Clever Frame UK.

They provide excellent quality exhibition stands and designs around the UK and for a very reasonable price.

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